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Megan is nerdier than all of the characters on The Big Bang Theory combined. But it’s a fabulous form of revenge that the same traits she was tormented for in high school have helped her land her dream job as a science journalist in New York and her dream apartment with fellow nerd, Josh, who is potentially her dream guy. The only problem is Josh’s brother, Brandon, is constantly around blocking any attempts to create a romantic atmosphere. Megan nurses an oversized grudge against jocks due to a past traumatic experience. The fact that Brandon’s a professional football player whose new favorite sport is mocking her only increases her fantasies of feeding him to a giant carnivorous plant.

Brandon’s life might look perfect, but he’s got a massive hang-up about his intelligence, a hang-up which is aggravated by all the verbal sparring with Josh’s new roommate. Even worse, it appears Science Barbie is falling for his deeply closeted brother. Why does he care so much about preventing the impending disaster? But the more time he spends with Megan, the more he realizes the sparks between them have the potential to ignite into something amazing.


Opposites Attract

A laugh-out-loud enemies to lovers rom com that had me giggling and swooning.

– USA Today bestselling author KATE O’keeFfe


I’ve been in love with Eva as long as I can remember. But to her I’m just her goofy, joke-telling, reliable friend. Something I realised back when she tried to set me up with her roommate.

I haven’t seen her in two years, but now she’s back home for the summer living right next door.

A guy can swallow his true feelings for one measly summer, right? How hard can it be?


Benji’s my childhood BFF. Okay, so we’ve drifted apart these last few years, and I’m not sure me living on the other side of the world is the only reason.

Now I’m back for the summer. And I’m determined to get our friendship back on track.

But it turns out this summer isn’t the only thing sizzling. I’m not prepared for our friendship to ignite and for the words ‘hot’ and ‘steamy’ to take on a whole other meaning with nothing to do with the weather.

Is it possible that my heart has belonged to him all along?

A friends-to-lovers romance for readers who love humor, heartfelt connection and a happily ever after.


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Opposites Attract

Anna has always tried to do everything right, working hard through medical school, and now in her career as a doctor. She’s worked hard at her eight-year relationship with her fiancé Phil too, and can’t wait to get married and become part of Phil’s extended family. Then the unthinkable happens. Phil breaks up with her three months before their wedding.

Luckily, Phil’s younger brother Seth works at the same hospital and is there to help her through the aftermath.

Seth’s always been the laid-back, jokey one in contrast to his more serious brother. He’s always secretly envied Phil’s relationship with Anna because she’s his epitome of the perfect girl. When he sees how devastated Anna is after his idiot brother dumps her, he does everything he can to get her smiling again.

But the more time they spend together, the more their connection grows.

Your brother’s ex-fiancée is off-limits. Everyone knows that.

The problem is when you accidentally cross that line, the repercussions can be immense.

Opposites Attract

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A fabulous collection of sexy Down Under summer Christmas romances. Hot sun and hotter men, friends to lovers, reunion stories and more. Come visit a world of hot, sultry kisses and long, lazy days in the sun. It’s Christmas Down Under and just another day at the beach!.

Join USA Today bestselling authors, Bronwen Evans and Joanne Dannon with ten of their fellow Australasian authors. Warm your heart, and maybe a little bit more, too, with twelve never before published sexy novellas of Down Under lovin’ in the Christmas sun. On the beaches of Australia and in New Zealand’s wine country, it’s nothing but summer loving for Christmas this year. So if you’re feeling a little chilly, pour a glass of wine or a hot mug of cocoa, curl up on the couch, and enjoy!

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Jacqueline Lee

Hi, I’m Jackie. I write stories that are full of heart and humor, with smart, funny heroines and heroes who try to keep up with them. 

I love characters who have fun with each other while building a deeper-level connection.

In my life outside my imagination, I’m living my own version of Happily Ever After with my husband and three children in beautiful New Zealand.



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A short story collection that will leave you smiling…

Can you meet your soul mate while up a tree spying on your ex? Is his leaving party the best time to declare your love for your colleague? Is it possible that the kiss-cam at a basketball game is the right catalyst for moving from being friends to more than friends?

These funny, heart-warming short stories will make you swoon and then leave you smiling. Spoiler alert – all the stories end with some awesome lip-locking.

Email: jackie@jacquelineleeauthor.com


From the minute I started reading, the genuine and realistic development of the characters’ personalities in this story was captivating and terrifically done… This book almost felt like therapy in the best way.

– Five star Amazon ReviEW